Becoming a patron

  1. Please read the details outlining the „Patriotism carved in stone – Let the Széchenyi statue have inscribed letters” program!

  2. If you agree with and would like to support the renewal program’s goal, become a patron by completing the registration window:

    • provide the required information,
    • when providing personal information, declare whether or not you wish these details to be made public or not (the remaining information will not be made public),
    • decide upon the amount of the donation that you wish to contribute to support the realization of the program’s goals,
    • if you wish to share any thoughts and comments regarding the renewal program, you can do so through the program’s homepage.
  3. Please send the donation you pledged on the registration window via bank transfer to “Soproni Széchenyi-szobor megújítására” bank account, account number 59500351 – 11115672 at the Rajkai Takarék

  4. We will notify patrons via email after their donation is deposited into our account. At the same time, details that the patron has allowed us to share shall appear on the statue renewal’s homepage under the „Patron list” menu tab

  5. Further information regarding the program including details about the unveiling ceremony shall be sent to the email the patron provided.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the „Contact” menu tab on the program’s homepage.