Program Description

On September 21, 2016, Sopron, the most loyal city, will commemorate the 225th anniversary of István Széchnyi’s birth by inscribing its Széchenyi statue with a patriotic quote. Any individual, corporation, or organization can voluntarily become a part of the patron program and help the program realize its goal by making a financial donation by bank transfer to the account listed below.

Anyone who agrees with the sentiment expressed in the quote can contribute to the renewal program’s goal by making a financial commitment to the statue renewal inscription patron program by becoming a patron of one of the 870 inscribed letters. All patrons who offer financial support for the statue renewal shall receive a Certificate of Patronage made out to them as an individual, corporation, or organization. At the same time, they shall add their names to the statue’s history, which was the second statue of Széchenyi, the Greatest Hungarian, to be raised in Hungary by the nation after the first erected in Budapest. Patron involvement will be documented for posterity.

Patronage of one of the inscribed letters on the four sides of the pedestal can be attained by offering and transferring a donation for the letter that was assigned to patrons through means of a draw. Patrons shall be obliged to accept the letter and language of the letter that was assigned to them through means of a draw; modifications to this are not possible. One donation grants sponsorship of one letter only.

Terms of patronage

a.) Registration of patronage

Patronage begins with the declaration of sponsorship, which can be found on the home page of the statue renewal program in the main menu tab Védnöki vállalása and clicking on the Be a patron tab in the submenu, and completing the patron registration form, which is available in many languages. The information the individual, corporation, or organization provides through the registration form shall be registered that same day. The privacy and security of each and every patron’s personal information is guaranteed and will not be shared with anyone else.

Patrons (individuals or organizations) can set the amount of their donation for the statue renewal program in the registration window. The minimum donation amount is 10,000 HUF, or € 35.

b.) Acceptance in the patron program

One becomes a patron after the donation declared in the registration window is transferred and received in the renewal program’s “The Renewal of the Széchenyi Statue” account 59500351-11115672 at the Rajkai Takarék. Once the donation is deposited, the patron will be notified of which inscribed letter they shall become a patron of.

Confirmation of the receipt of the donation, acceptance into the patron program, and the results of the draw for the inscribed letter shall be sent to the patron via email in the language used in the registration window within two working days after the financial donation is received.

a.) The details a patron wishes to share with the public will appear on the statue renewal homepage.

b.) Confirmation of the receipt of the financial donation made to“The Sopron Széchenyi Statue Renewal” bank account – 59500351 – 11115672 – at the Rajkai Takarék will be sent via post to the postal address provided in the registration window within 8 working days of the funds being deposited.

c.) A Certificate of Patronage will be made out in the name of the individual, corporation, or organization. A sample of this certificate can be viewed on the renewal program’s homepage in the "Patronage" tab under the "Certificate of Patronage" submenu tab.

d.) Names of patrons will be read during the unveiling of the new pedestal plaques, which shall serve as a document intended for posterity.

e.) A ceremony for the new pedestal plaques will take place on September 21, 2016. Details of the unveiling ceremony can be found on the statue renewal program’s homepage.